Affiliate Marketing. Best CPA Networks for 2022

What’s affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing basically consists of promoting products or services of other companies (or businesses) and taking a commission for each sale you get.

These commissions are usually a percentage of the sale price (if you sell more expensive products, you will earn more money), or they can also be fixed amounts. It will depend on the company or the product, of course.


The truth is that it is a very powerful marketing strategy that more and more companies like, because it is based on results: they only pay commission if there is a sale.

And for affiliates it can be very profitable if done well, especially for 3 reasons:

  • need less investment

It is not you who invests time or money in creating the products or providing the services offered by the company. You save all that and only invest in promoting them (with a website, creating content, etc.).

  • have less risk

You will not have any problem with the product or service because of course you do not sell it.

  • It’s easier to climb

The company only sells its products or services, but you can promote the products or services of other companies or different businesses at the same time and earn commissions from all of them.


How does affiliate marketing work?

There are different ways, but the most used is with what are usually called “affiliate links”.

The company (or the CPA network in which it is registered) gives each affiliate links with unique identifiers to be able to track them and see if they get sales.

So, you put these links on your website using native ads. If a user clicks on them, it will take them to the company’s website or online store and will save a cookie file in their web browser that usually carries this information:

  1. The affiliate identifier with which the company will know if the user is on your side and write down the commission if they buy something.
  2. A cookie expiration date. If the user returns to the online store later and before the expiration date of the cookie, the commission will also be charged if he ends up buying.


Imagine that you have a fashion blog and Lucy Doe, who is looking for a good jacket to keep her warm, visits your article on the best winter jackets.

She clicks on an affiliate link for one of her favorite jackets and it takes her to Amazon so she can buy it. But she just remembered that she has to pick up his daughter from school, so she decides to buy it later with more peace of mind.

At night, Lucy goes back to the computer and searches directly on Amazon for the jacket she liked, and by the way she also buys some gloves, because it’s very cold!

Well, there is good news for you.

It turns out that Lucy had a cookie saved in her browser when she first logged into Amazon using your affiliate link. That cookie expires after 24 hours, so Amazon is going to pay you commissions for the jacket and also for the gloves that Lucy has bought thanks to you.

Brilliant right?


Forms of remuneration of CPA networks

Another fundamental aspect is the definition of the rules of the game. That is, specify the different events or actions that the targeted user must perform so that the affiliate receives the corresponding commission.

There is no single system but, depending on the type of article or service that is marketed, different conditions can be established that will grant the right to receive a sales commission as compensation.

Next, we will see the most common ways:

  1. Payment for direct sale of an item or contracting a service. Through this system, quite high sales commissions are paid, although it is an action that is achieved in a smaller number of cases.
  2. Payment for conversion to lead. In this case, the payment of the affiliate commission occurs when the user leaves their personal data (name, email and sometimes postal address and telephone) in a form.
  3. Other actions. A system of commissions can also be established for the achievement of actions of various types that interest the advertiser, such as an increase in the benefits of a service that has already been contracted, purchases within an application or remuneration from other systems, such as payment for clicks or impressions.


Best CPA Networks for 2022

Perform [cb]


For more than 5 years in a row this CPA network has been the best. Among its main clients we have established companies such as HBO, McAfee, and eHarmony. They are leaders in such competitive niches as Health, Dating, Entertainment, Financial, and Lifestyle.

Their biggest advantage is obviously that they have the largest network of clients and advertisers. Also attractive to customers is the pay-for-performance principle, a marketing strategy that invites new potential customers to explore and join this CPA network.

If we had to talk about any disadvantage, in any case it would be that this CPA network only works with established companies, so it is clear that they do not like to leave anything to chance. On the other hand, the payout threshold is relatively low at $50. And with the added advantage that you can charge it every month.



This CPA network has been working in the elite for several years with top-tier clients, which is why it has been able to acquire a solid portfolio of clients and advertisers, thus guaranteeing a vanguard position in a highly fickle market.

They have offers for practically every niche, which is an enviable advantage for many companies that want to do business with a single CPA network. In addition, the high payment offers for advertisers are a rich honey that no one wants to miss.

If you are a new affiliate, you will receive exciting rewards and bonuses based on your performance. And while the payout threshold for this CPA network goes up to $100, you have the trade-off that you could get paid on a weekly basis.



If you are looking for a CPA network specialized in adult content, this would be the ideal option. If you are not afraid of the SEO challenges that you can face in this area of ​​online marketing, such as having a really solid link building, you will have access to a red CPA with some really juicy earnings.

With a portfolio of more than 1,000 offers, this CPA network is responsible for optimizing the payments you receive, taking into account what best maximizes your investment. In addition, the referral system of this red CPA will allow you to receive an additional 5% bonus on all sales made by your referrals.

The payment threshold is set at $100, and you could be paid weekly or every 2 months.



Since its inception, this global performance marketing company has focused on establishing a variety of tactics to help clients achieve their marketing goals. It acts as a link between them, helping them to achieve the highest possible return on their advertising campaigns.

It now partners with hundreds of well-known firms around the world, focusing on dating and lead generation. The platform supports various strategies and traffic sources, including search, retargeting, video, social media, display, native advertising, and email.

One of the pillars of ClickDealer’s success is their extensive business network, which is why they reward their affiliates with high-quality contests, loyalty programs, and meetups.

Every advertiser and publisher chooses a network with experienced staff who respond quickly to queries, keep them informed about new special offers, and help them with different challenges and campaign designs.

You could charge weekly from $100, once you have convinced them that you are a consolidated client. As long as that day does not come, you will have to charge monthly like the rest of the mortals.



This CPA network currently specializes in mobile offers, although it also has some interesting offers for other markets.

It makes use of a diverse arsenal of formats, including native ads, banner ads, pop-ups, and pop-ups, to bring you a robust portfolio of promotions and services.

With an experienced and successful clientele, this CPA network offers a simple but powerful work mechanism, in which you only have to worry about choosing the offer that will seem most succulent to you, and they will take care of generating really quality traffic to your content.

Conclusion on affiliate marketing and best CPA networks for 2022

Any content creator with significant traffic and a targeted audience can find a platform on this list that will help them effortlessly monetize their blogs or websites and, in the process, establish a fruitful relationship with internationally renowned companies.

If this is your case, start laying the foundations to get the most out of your website or social networks, enter the affiliate platform that most attracts your attention and check its benefits.

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