Ad Formats


Monetize your traffic with our Widgets. Our system guarantees the highest possible income at any time by displaying ads from the best Ad Networks. We have a personal Manager to help you get started.

Header Widget

An ad with high visibility and high CTR that provides great retention to your audience.

Inter Paragraph

Banner, Impact Widget and VideoCards between paragraphs. Ideal for monetizing Blogs and Thematic Websites. High CPC and CTR.

Below Item

Recommendation Widgets, Internal Exchange and Video. Ideal to retain your audience towards your sites.


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How it works

Publisher Features

Use our platform to monetize your traffic. Our system always ensures the highest possible income by displaying ads from the best ad networks.

Easy Registration

In simple steps you register as a Publisher.

Multiple Formats

Various ad formats for your sites.

Customizable Codes

The Publisher can configure the ad codes for better display on their site.

Advanced Reports

Reports based on time periods for ads, codes and keywords.