Campaign formats


The easiest way to buy quality traffic. Generate great conversions by creating Advertising Campaigns. Banner, Text and Video Ads.

Cost per Click

Define a target audience and what you want to bid for each click on your banners.

Cost per thousand Impressions

Set a fixed price or CPM per country for each Banner.

Cost per Share

Publishers will be paid every time you convert in your campaign.

Content marketing

Do you need to buy traffic for your website?

We have quality and cheap traffic at your disposal. Create your banners and send traffic to your site with our system. Generate conversions and sales with your campaigns and our traffic.

Advertiser Features

Easy Registration

In simple steps you register as a Advertiser.

Multiple Formats

Various ad formats for your campaigns and sites.


Segment your audiences by keywords, location, device, etc.

24x7 Support

Our team is always ready to attend to any problem.

Fraud Detection

Advanced monitoring to prevent repetitive, invalid or automatic clicks.

Advanced Reports

Reports based on time periods for ads, codes and keywords.

In three simple steps

How does AdQVA work?

  1. Create an account
    Sign up for free as an Advertiser.

  2. Create your Ad
    Create the ad with your text and images.

  3. Get new leads
    Get quality traffic from our publishers network.