BuzzFeed and Taboola Join Forces to Revolutionize Digital News Recommendations across Premium Brands

Are you a fan of BuzzFeed’s news brands? Brace yourself for some exciting news! BuzzFeed, Inc. has partnered with Taboola to deliver personalized recommendations across its premium news brands- BuzzFeed News and HuffPost.

This strategic partnership is aimed at enhancing user experience by providing relevant content recommendations that align with their interests and preferences. In this blog post, we’ll dive deeper into the details of this collaboration and how it benefits readers like you!

What is BuzzFeed, Inc?

BuzzFeed, Inc. is a digital media company that operates BuzzFeed News and HuffPost. The company has entered into a new partnership with Taboola that will see Taboola powering recommendations for content across BuzzFeed’s premium news brands.

This partnership will help BuzzFeed to better surface it most timely and relevant content for readers, while also providing an additional revenue stream for the company.

Taboola’s technology will analyze the real-time engagement of each piece of content on BuzzFeed’s site and make recommendations accordingly.

The move comes as part of BuzzFeed’s ongoing efforts to diversify its business model beyond advertising revenues. The company has been investing heavily in its news operation in recent years and is now looking to monetize that content in new ways.

The partnership with Taboola is just one example of how BuzzFeed is looking to innovate in the digital media space.

As one of the leading players in the space, the company is always exploring new ways to engage readers and drive growth.

Ultimately, BuzzFeed’s goal is to continue to be a leader in digital media and to create a more dynamic and engaging experience for its users.

What is Taboola?

Taboola is a technology company that operates a content discovery platform on the internet. The company was founded in 2007 by Adam Singolda and aiming to help people discover things they may like but never knew existed.

The Taboola platform analyzes web content and recommends links to related content for readers at the bottom of articles or in sidebars.

The recommendations are determined by an algorithm that factors in the reader’s past behavior, interests, and clicking patterns. The platform is used by a variety of advertisers, publishers, and websites to increase traffic and engagement.

What about the partnership between BuzzFeed and Taboola?

In an effort to better compete with Facebook and Google for digital advertising dollars, BuzzFeed, Inc. has signed a new partnership with Taboola, a content discovery platform. Under the agreement, Taboola will power recommendations for articles from BuzzFeed News and HuffPost across all of BuzzFeed’s websites and apps.

The partnership is a major shift in strategy for BuzzFeed, which has traditionally relied on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to drive traffic to its site. With this new partnership, BuzzFeed is hoping to increase its audience by making its content more easily discoverable on other websites and apps.

Taboola’s recommendation widget will be prominently displayed on all of BuzzFeed’s news articles, as well as on the homepage of HuffPost. The widget will show readers recommended articles from both BuzzFeed News and HuffPost, based on their individual interests.

The partnership between BuzzFeed and Taboola is part of a larger trend of media companies looking to diversify their traffic sources away from Facebook and Google. As the two Silicon Valley giants have become increasingly dominant in the digital advertising space, many publishers have been looking for alternative ways to reach their audiences.

By partnering with Taboola, BuzzFeed is hoping to capitalize on the content discovery platform’s global reach and its ability to target users based on their interests. With a larger audience, BuzzFeed will be better positioned to monetize its content and secure more advertising dollars.

How will this partnership benefit both companies?

The partnership will enable both companies to expand their reach and grow their audience. BuzzFeed will be able to leverage Taboola’s technology to power recommendations across its premium news brands – BuzzFeed News and HuffPost.

This will allow BuzzFeed to drive more traffic to its site and increase its ad revenue. Meanwhile, Taboola will benefit from the increased exposure to BuzzFeed’s large audience.

The partnership will also enable both companies to benefit from each other’s strengths.

Taboola’s technology and understanding of the digital advertising landscape will help BuzzFeed create more engaging experiences for its readers.

On the other hand, BuzzFeed’s editorial expertise and content will give Taboola access to a premium audience that it may not have reached before. Ultimately, this partnership could lead to increased business opportunities for both companies.


We are excited to see the new partnership between BuzzFeed and Taboola, which will help power recommendations across both premium news brands – BuzzFeed News and HuffPost.

This is a great strategic move for both companies as it allows them to leverage their data-driven insights to create highly engaging content experiences, while at the same time increasing traffic and improving user engagement across their platforms.

We look forward to seeing how this collaboration furthers BuzzFeed’s ongoing efforts to redefine digital news and entertainment experiences in 2023.