Effective native ads creatives

The success of an affiliate partner will largely depend on the quality of the creatives. It is very unlikely that even a potentially attentive audience will pay attention to an ad, in case this ad has a poor and sloppy design, and does not “talk” about what that audience needs. Creatives really have to be a reflection of what the audience cares about, and actually be able to create a need, even when the audience can’t see it. Next I will tell you some notions of how to create effective native ads creatives.

To begin with, we will say that there is no magic formula, nor a tool that guarantees the creation of effective native ads creatives. The good news for you is that by using our methods, you will certainly make your ads perform better and your campaigns take off to achieve the goals that really got you into this world of affiliate marketing in the first place.

Trying to use striking and catchy text links in your affiliate content will definitely help drive customers away from seeing your ads. In this case, it could be your business name, your website URL, or something as simple yet visually powerful as simply using your personal brand or logo.

Also, try to choose high-quality images and original content infused with a message of your own. Try not to use so much text. An image speaks more than a thousand words, remember that. So your images should “say” exactly what you are selling. Obviously, the use of quality content is the key to reaching larger audiences. Therefore, provide your partners with these images we talked about, and you will see the results in no time.

The importance of using coupon codes for affiliates


Who doesn’t like discounts? Well, that’s exactly why: customers buy more using coupons. And this translates into increased conversion rates and obviously, increased affiliate commission amounts.

On the other hand, the use of coupons not only retains partners who are already in the affiliates program, but is also a very effective way to attract new customers. Also, varying promocodes regularly will help you track the effectiveness of the interaction between your ads and your customers.

To increase conversion: create landing pages for your affiliate partners


The first advantage that can be seen at first glance is that with this the user is offered a specific offer. Which means that the client will be able to focus their attention on one thing exclusively. Without a doubt, this will trigger a targeted action in most cases.

Second, the simple structure of the landing page makes the information come through naturally and easily. Another important detail is that the cost of creating a landing page is quite low and can be done in a very short time. Also, the page load time is short due to how light it needs to be.

Thus, a well-structured landing page should be made up of the offer, product or service information, advantages, work schedule, reviews, costs, order form, contact information, among others. Speaking of design, the landing page should be minimalist and stylish. And the font type should be readable enough. That there is a correspondence between text and images.

Eye-catching banners and native ads


As we all know, banners are clickable images that are in different parts of a web page, that represent a product or brand, and that lead to a link on an advertiser’s website. But, among so many bad-looking and poor-quality banners on the Internet, many of them go unnoticed and potential customers would never click on them.

Some tips to make your banners appetizing.

– The type of source. The title must have a different size from the rest of the text, and never occupy more than 20% of the total space. Take special care in spelling, as errors are in bad taste and denote a lack of professionalism. Don’t make the size less than 10, as this will make it very difficult to read.

– Use a simple but attractive call to action, that is, in a few words it is known what the customer will see after clicking. This is, for example, “Buy Now”, “Learn More”, “See Discounts”, etc. Attention signals and buttons are a great help from a visual point of view.

– Use colors according to the emotions you want to awaken in your customers. And obviously, the colors of the banner must match the colors of the web page in general. The banner should be noticeable, noticeable from the rest of the content, but should not be intrusive or visually aggressive.

– Make a catchy title. Try to reflect in it the answer to a potential user need, or launch an intriguing message that catches the attention of the person who reads it. Try to segment your audience. Whenever this is the case, use titles that represent a section of the crowd, for example, “Women over 30”.

Use of widgets

It is very important that you try to give functionality to your website. Hence the need to use widgets that contain useful features such as a feedback windows, reviews, a search window, or the promotions that are currently available.

Take advantage of the usability that widgets provide to you, simply send the code to your affiliate partners and they will insert it into their site without any problem.

Use of selling video ads


Experts suggest that it is easier for our brain to perceive information through a video than through reading text. Therefore, take advantage of this fact. Create a selling video of between 30 and 120 seconds, in which the first 10 seconds are the most important, as they determine whether the client will continue to watch the video until the end or not.

Try to be creative, don’t get away with what everyone else is doing. Show what your product or service does. Demonstrate that in your hands is the solution the client is looking for. Remember not to use a lot of text, and avoid very small font sizes, as many customers will watch the video from their mobile.

Create a memorable, engaging story. Divide the video into several sections, so that the viewer has a way to assimilate the content without being run over and in a natural way, so you pause whenever necessary, but in an evolutionary way.

And, just as the first seconds of the video are important, the last ones are still important: you must leave the client wanting more, so that you leave them no other option but to take action as soon as possible. At this time you must leave the client already hooked on your proposal.

Finally, we advise you to use animations. These more easily attract attention and are more likely to be more “shareable” on social networks among the group of friends who see it.

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