Networks Integration

For Ad Networks

Adqva provides a marketplace for networks to sell and buy their valuable traffic. We support oRTB, JSON and XML feed integrations. We connect a lot of DSP and SSP.


Open Real Time Bidding is ready to connect to your supply or your demand.


XML or JSON feeds are a simple way to sell and buy traffic.


Managed or self-serve campaigns our team can create, configure and run your advertising campaigns on your behalf at no additional cost or you can use our self-serve platform to setup your campaigns.

Innovative Ad Network

Advertising and Monetization Experts

Our Network serves millions of request every month and growing due to our co-peration with new partners.

Cooperation Features


We have specific targeting for in house & out house campaigns. We help you reach your goals at a cost-effective price. We integrate through XML, JSON & RTB. We have huge digital Ad spending over the years. Inventory we provide have wide targeting opportunities.