Answers to your questions


What ad formats are available?

We work with three main formats: Header, In the Article and Below the Article. In addition to this we have the SmartLinks and other monetization methods.

What requirements must my website have to be approved?

In principle we do not have traffic requirements. We focus on having quality content and not being on any subject that is not allowed.

How are the payments?

Payments are daily. Once you reach the established minimum of 50 USD, you can withdraw them and in 24 hours the deposit is made into your account.


Are there any hidden or additional charges?

It does not exist in principle. But if it does exist, it is the product of the very methods and platforms used to charge/pay.

I don't have access to your payment methods

Talk to the support agent and explain your situation and what methods you have available, he will find a payment method.

Widgets and Sites

How many widgets can I put on my site?

There is no limit of Widgets, but we do not recommend overloading the pages, as it can increase the BounceRate.

Do Widgets work on all domains?

No. The Widget only works for the domain that has been created.


How does the referral program work?

Through referrals you can generate extra income just by promoting our platform. For each Publisher or Advertiser you refer, you will earn 5% of what they deposit or generate on the platform, for life.