MGID Partners with Getty Images

MGID has recently partnered and integrated with Getty Images. This Marketplace and one of the largest content creators in the world has the ability to allow its countless advertisers to select from a large gallery of high-quality images ready to be used, with useful and varied options, with the sole objective of improving the performance of a marketing campaign.

For many years, MGID has been committed to creating high-quality, remarkably relevant ads, continually adding new features and implementing new variants and solutions to streamline the testing and optimization phase of ad campaigns.

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Only in early 2022 did MGID implement Safety Ratings, a system created to achieve higher levels of transparency for its partners and with the goal of creating a native ad rating system that is both commercial yet visually friendly.

In this way, MGID has announced that it is already possible to have the inventory of Getty Images from the control panel. These incredible collections of images range from photos, illustrations, vector graphics and videos, all of which are already licensed for use in campaigns.

How to use the new gallery

03 control panel

You will be able to add your new native ads creatives or edit an existing one, from the “Stock Gallery” tab in your dashboard. When you click, you’ll have full access to all of Getty Images’ inventory.

At this point, you will be able to type relevant keywords and select the results that best suit your needs. Note that keywords can be written in any language, but the final output may differ from language to language. Note that there is a wide range of possibilities when ordering the results, for example by date, relevance, or popularity.

MP4 ads and stock video gallery

At MGID they have always intended to be able to use formats that are compatible with native ads. Currently, advertisers can select MP4 and MOV files to create animated ads.

In order to use these formats, some technical specifications must be met, such as that the file does not “weigh” more than 5 Mb, that the video does not exceed 15 seconds, and that the minimum dimensions are 492 x 328 pixels.

Best practices to increase clicks and conversions

04 Conversion-rate-Optimization

Try to use images that feel real. This can mean in some cases that the activities and scenarios depicted in your native ads are not entirely enjoyable. In other words, conflicting themes could be used, which cause dilemmas or dilemmas, in such a way that the audience, when seeing the ad, develops some type of emotional response.

Consider the composition of the image. Both group photos and images with a central object can work well, but make sure that the chosen image follows a particular type of composition.

Look for images that catch the eye and choose dynamic photos or videos with an ending that no one can anticipate. Users will be curious to see the ending and will ultimately click on the native ad creative.

Try to be mysterious and discreet. Try to arouse the viewers’ curiosity with hidden details and elements. For example, if there is a photo of a man looking at a laptop, don’t show the screen, let the audience be intrigued.

Some final remarks

In short, the integration of Getty Images into the MGID dashboard makes using its diverse library seamless. No need to download and re-upload images from other sites or manage numerous subscriptions to stock websites.

By offering more high-quality image options, we’re confident this new tool will streamline the ad creation process and improve ad quality.

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