AdKernel Review 2022

Adkernel is a white label ad serving technology that allows agencies to have their own advertiser and publisher monetization interfaces and inventory management cloud-based campaign management and publisher monetization software. 

What services does Adkernel offer?

Adkernel’s products are mainly about ad serving, traffic monetization and performance marketing.

Adkernel DSP Suite

Adkernel provides a fully hosted ad serving platform that they set up on your domain. With Adkernel’s DSP, you can choose your own settings and make the user experience according to your wishes. Furthermore, customers will be able to count on a self-service advertising platform and ad campaign manager with full support for all types of ad campaigns.

Adkernel has detailed reports that allow quick breakdowns of bidding data queries with billions of ad requests and impressions. Another aspect of the DSP suite to note is Adkernel’s support for direct publishers with an interface that allows publisher contacts to quickly sign up and set up placements on their own for different types of ad formats, such as pop-up ads when making click, banner ad tags and notification ads.

Adkernel’s DSP Suite claims to have the ability to handle over 200 billion ad requests daily with real-time analytics, fast cross-country load balancing, third-party analytics aggregation, and full management via REST APIs. In addition, it provides its clients with a wide range of integrated services that allow them to obtain better insights into their business, develop monitoring strategies and scale their media buying operations, among other functionalities.

What is Adkernel’s RTB Exchange Suite?

Adkernel’s next big product is their RTB Exchange Suite which enables agencies and publishers to manage their inventory, set up bidder endpoints for SSP and generate tags for direct suppliers. It supports different ad formats such as Video, Banner ads and Native advertising through header bidding or prebid.js adapter. Adkernel’s service provides prebid compatibility, which means it supports the different integration types offered in programmatic advertising companies. 

Adkernel’s RTB ad server is able to support VAST and VPAID video integration which allows you to work with more companies and to have fewer issues. Adkernel’s management of big data is top of the line. As a client you could be able to use revenue stats aggregation engine, conversion tracking features, and traffic intelligence to effectively manage your campaigns and your spending in real-time. 

Adkernel’s admin interface is simple, it’s a work tool that handles big data, because waiting forever for each report to load would mean losing your focus. It not only allows deep insights through its network reporting interface but also allows your users to have configured user accounts with different permissions and roles. Another cool feature is that it will use an integrated network reporting API and will allow you to catch discrepancies with your integrated partners in real-time, right off your admin reporting interface.

What is the Adkernel Push & Pop Suite?

Adkernel has an engine for contextual feed sources such as search engines, website networks and ad networks with targeted audiences to use a contextual ad server for PPC that is specially designed for e-commerce, search, push notification ads, native ads and more. That’s why Adkernel’s strongest product is its pop-up ad marketing suite that centralizes the campaign management functions of an ad network with all its push and popunder ads.


As an Adkernel customer, you will get instant access to over 1000 demand sources already integrated with automated third-party aggregated data from all partners. You can also easily resolve discrepancies in your business, allowing you to work based on your numbers and theirs, managing discrepancies at all levels of reporting.

Adkernel enables automation for advertisers running click-converting push and popunder campaigns, and impression-based rule automation that allows their clients to remove subIDs and publisher feeds for the most effective conversion rate on the market.

Adkernel has one of the best xml ad server technology that suits any type of online marketing, be it banner ads or contextual search ads.

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